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It took me a long time to put this album together. Piece by piece, cent by cent, note by note. Not my favorite recording approach but, since I didn't have a band to record with, there were not too many options. Plus I really wanted it to be the way it is: a gathering of friends I like to make music with. So I invited them to record this tribute to the artists who inspired me and to the music I've always been feeding my life with. This is why the album sounds so derivative. I am not afraid of showing where these songs come from. And I thought this would have been a nice way to say thank you to all the ones who've been riding with me on my sonic trip and to the ones who enlightened it. That said, I'm glad these songs are out. I felt like I needed to pay my dues before doing anything else.
Like a friend said, it was time to let some of the boats out of the harbor and put them at sea.
If they don't sink, hopefully some of them will get close to your heart.

  ~ Francesco


Mixed by Stephen Q. Barncard at House of Cubes, San Francisco, CA
with Ermanno Labianca and Francesco Lucarelli
Except track 9 mixed by Claudio Bartolucci at Delta Top Studio, Rome, Italy

Recorded in Rome, Italy, and in the USA from the late Nineties to 2010.
Basic-tracks recorded and engineered by Andrea Oggioni at Studio Le Risonanze, Rome, Italy,
except for "The Cage" and "Stranger In This Land" recorded at Zoo Symphony Studio, Rome, Italy and engineered by Marco Vannozzi and Claudio Prosperini.
Additional tracks and vocals recorded and engineered by Claudio Bartolucci and Marco Valerio Cecilia at Delta Top Studio, Rome, Italy.
Additional recordings: Rancho Ryan, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, California, USA (Jeff Pevar – engineered by Gary Hagen and Sonny Mone); Pet Peev Studio, Connecticut, USA (Jeff Pevar); Bamboom Room Studios, Altadena, Los Angeles, California, USA (James Raymond); Stepbridge Studio, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (Kenny Passarelli - engineered by Michael Chavez); Kazoo Studios, Kauai, Hawaii, USA (Graham Nash - recorded by Jared Brown); BK home-studio, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA (Bill Kaffenberger); Toro Canyon Studios, Santa Barbara, California, USA (Sonny Mone recorded by Cindy Julian)

Mastered by Alex McCullough at Yes Master, Nashville, TN

Produced by Francesco Lucarelli
Associate producer Ermanno Labianca

All songs © 2010, written by Francesco Lucarelli (nasifi63 music )
except "Stranger In This Land" © 1996, written by Sonny Mone (licensed by Eastwood Lane Music – ASCAP)
All rights reserved

All photos by Francesco Lucarelli - except page 2 (Lucien van Diggelen), 8, 18 and backcover (Isabella Cattan)
Artwork and design by Juke Box Fury and the Flying Cowboy

Printed in the UK

Thursday Dec. 1st, 2011
live at Aurora, Arezzo

Friday Nov. 25th, 2011
guest on Radio Capital (h.12)

Friday Nov. 11th, 2011
live at L'Archivio 14, Roma

Saturday Apr. 23rd, 2011
live at Faenas, Roma

Sunday Apr. 17th, 2011
live at Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma - opening for America

Saturday Apr. 16th, 2011
Interview on Radio Radio, Roma, Italy

Saturday Mar. 26th, 2011
live at Neil Young Day in Reggio Emilia

Wednesday Mar. 16th, 2011
live at Faenas, Roma

Friday Mar. 11th, 2011
"Find The Light" at Auditorium, Roma

Thursday Mar. 3rd, 2011
live at Crossroads, Osteria Nuova

Friday Feb. 25th, 2011
"Find The Light" review on Folk World (Germany)

Tuesday Feb. 21st, 2011
"Find The Light" review on Musik An Sich (Germany)

Friday Feb. 18th, 2011
"Find The Light" review on Heaven (Dutch magazine)

Saturday Feb. 12th, 2011
Interview on Radio Cernusco Stereo, Italy. Listen here!

Thursday Feb. 10th, 2011
Francesco Lucarelli and Liam Ó Maonlaí in the Hemifrån news

Wednesday Feb. 9th, 2011
"Mr. Sunshine" broadcast on Electric Boogie Show, Spain

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